iMac Memory Upgrade and Replacement

One of the factors to boost up the processing speed of iMac is memory or RAM. The optimal capacity of RAM is recommended like more RAM is useless and less RAM causes slow processing. So need to consult a hardware consultant in this regard.Consult us at 02-6788144 so that we can suggest you a replacement or up gradation. It enables smooth running of heavy applications on your iMac. It will also enrich your gaming and video experience. Almost all up gradation for memory are available depending upon compatibility and part availability.


iMac Water Damage Repair Diagnostic

iMac are handy machines, easy to carry and accompanied by you. The most frequent and accidental damage faced by them is water infection and damages. Whenever you encounter such an accident…. Readily switch off your iMac and call to a reliable and professional service center. Off course we consider ourselves the same. As soon as our technicians get you iMac they process t through a series of diagnosis test and ultimately make you a call to confirm you with level of doctoring required to safe your iMac. Upon your approval they will proceed. Do not worry this diagnosis process is free of cost.


Mac Screen Repair and Replacement

Computer Gallery is a Abu Dhabi based Apple Mac repair center specializing in iMac screen repair and replacement services for both home and businesses users. Due to its handy nature we accompany it every way and broaden the chance of screen damage. The iMac may drop it in a rush or can strike it against some hard surface to face the broken or cracked screen damage. Our experienced technicians can help you in replacing screens of all iMac models and sizes.